The Increasing Importance Of Jackpot Systems

The important role that jackpot systems continue to play in the bid to add excitement to the slot floor cannot be underestimated. It’s not just the chance to win a bigger prize that lures players in – it’s the sheer spectacle of a bank of machines with a common theme and linked lighting, artwork and design.

We’re asking Piotr Fedak, the COO of Promatic Group, about the fast-growing role of jackpot systems.

E-PLAY: In what ways have today’s sophisticated jackpot systems changed the dynamic of the gaming floor?”

Piotr Fedak: If there is one dream most online casino players share, regardless of their location, it’s winning a massive Jackpot. This perfectly illustrates how Jackpots changed the dynamic of the game floor scene. Currently, slot machines with jackpot systems dominate the world’s market and often replace devices that do not offer this feature. Undeniably, the number of games played on slot machines with jackpot systems has increased over the last few years and players are more likely to go for a more decisive game if they have a chance to put their hands on some massive cash wins.

Almost exactly 3 years ago, a 26-years old soldier from the UK, Jon Heywood, won a Jackpot sum of €17,879,645. A bit earlier, in 2013, just a 25 euro-cents coin was enough for a Finnish player to win a staggering €17,861,800 Jackpot. These two, by far the highest single Jackpot wins, show that a single spin can literally be life changing,  although not a frequent occurrence. That’s why online casinos and game developing studios, like Promatic, are working closely together on adding more flavour to the gameplay and developing other forms of Jackpots to the market, such as Mystery Jackpot, for example.

Promatic’s fully customizable, 3-level Mystery Jackpot offers the players an additional chance to win, even if they don’t have the winning combination at the time of the spin, which makes it very attractive for both the player and the casino, providing them with a great marketing tool in hand.

Mystery Jackpot payouts won’t affect normal game play, or if applicable, any standard Jackpot amounts offered by the casino. In order to win a Mystery Jackpot, the player just needs to start betting and that’s it!

E-PLAY: What are the technologies driving this sophistication?

Piotr Fedak: Following the growing popularity and the dynamic development of the gambling industry and the online systems, gambling studios can provide unlimited possibilities for the development of modern Jackpot systems. Most of them are simply based on the latest electronic and software solutions, technologies in conjunction with the effective use of the Internet network. They can be fully customizable depending on the market and casino operator’s needs.

E-PLAY: Are such systems helping casino operators to attract a wider demographic?

Piotr Fedak: Absolutely – we all love to win, don’t we? Our Mystery Jackpot can be used for all kinds of customer segments, no matter if your players are playing for low or high stakes, our Jackpot levels are adjustable per campaign.

Thanks to the simplicity and an additional chance for high win that Jackpot system offers, mature players with their own playing habits  are more likely to change their routine and get to a higher level of entertainment. What matters most form them is the possibility of high wins at the highest level.

E-PLAY: What are your latest products and what are your best-selling products?”

Piotr Fedak: Promatic has a long term experience developing Jackpot system. Our offer includes two major Jackpot products – Mystery Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot. The first one, designed for our Multigame cabinets such as Inferno, Classic, Turbo or Energy, offers a multitude of available configurations, including the ability to define different Jackpot levels by slot Jackpot, site Jackpot or global Jackpot. It gives us a number of opportunities to adapt to specific markets so that both players and operators feel confident and were satisfied when playing. The second one is the Progressive Jackpot we offer in our Single Game Dragon Legends, which is very popular in Latin America.

At present, we are working on our latest development of a full portfolio of online casino slot games available in  the casino industry, which will have its premiere during ICE Totally Gaming in London, in February 2019. We can’t reveal all the details, just yet, but we are sure that our titles will make a difference in a saturated, yet competitive market.

E-PLAY: Why should operators choose your systems over others available on the market?”

Piotr Fedak: What makes our Jackpot System attractive, is the possibility of a full customisation of the operator. Depending on the marketing needs, these are simple and transparent systems that could be either used for a specific campaign promoting a selected game, or for all of our games – operator will have a full control over the Mystery Jackpot setup making it attractive for the players quickly and flawlessly.  Our Jackpot system will be a perfect match for even most demanding market’s  requirements and expectations.

E-PLAY: How do you foresee the future development of jackpot systems?”

Piotr Fedak: We are certain that the industry will be growing stronger and quicker when it comes to Jackpots. Players love to win and that will not change for many centuries to come. At the same time, the dynamic development of new technologies, including the Jackpot systems, will surely be promoting games that allow the players additional high wins. This type of system solutions still contributes to the daily occupancy of the installed slot machines and is valued at more than 25-30% of the total bet so Jackpot systems are ‘Must Have’ products on any contemporary casino floor.