Independent, remote reporting device for any cabinet that supports mechanical counters.


By using GSM connection (SIM card) it transfers accounting data to a specified database server.


It allows you to monitor and report from places with limited Internet access as long as you have cell phone reception. The perfect system for monitoring, data collection and remote management of electronic devices.


KRUK is designed for counting pulses through the outputs used for mechanical meters on specific devices (coin and banknote acceptors) and sending this information via SMS to a database server. This allows remote access to the status of the acceptors in cabinets.

System diagram

Acceptors convert coins and banknotes to the corresponding number of pulses (counts dependent on denominations). These pulses are processed by the KRUK board. This board is connected to the Raspberry PI with software controlling the device. A modem with a SIM card is connected via the USB port to send SMS messages to the database on the server.


SMSs contain IN / OUT information and, when saved to a database, it is possible to use a system to generate reports (e.g. BackOffice) for accounting purposes.