Promatic Offer

DURNING ICE 2018 PROMATIC Group will show a wide range of products directed toward speciĮc sectors of the gambling industry. First are EXCLUSIVE products – designed for casinos. The showcase consists of four islands presenting the newest machine on offer – CASINO 27.

CASINO 27 is a brand new cabinet, with intuitive use and sleek design in mind. Three wide 27” LED screens provide unforgetable excitement during play. The quality to price ratio makes CASINO 27 an interesting offer among the casino-dedicated machines on the market. The live presentation allows everyone to see frst-hand its capabilities and design.

The second proposition from PROMATIC is PREMIUM products – a response to the needs of casinos and gaming locales that value a good price. The offer of this product consists of four types of MULTIGAME and additional features.

The third part of the offer is OPTIMUM – dedicated to smaller entertainment locales. The cabinets meant for these machines are designed for security and durability, made from high-quality materials, to limit any potential damage.are widely available, affordable and the next step in the industry

PROMATIC offer: Exclusive, Premium & Optimum

THE largest gambling Expo in Europe is fast approaching – ICE Totally Gaming in London, February 6th – 8th. Partcipatng in the event, among the world leaders of the industry, is the foremost provider of gambling systems from Poland – PROMATIC. PROMATIC GROUP is the largest Polish producer of slot machines, systems and games for the gambling industry. Its presence is among the European, African and Central American markets. During the previous ICE Expo, the company presented its own products and solutons to a considerable interest among the visiting distributors. The growth of the company is visible through the construc on of a new factory and a new branch office in Warsaw.

Games in HTML5 technology

The next product, available to try during the London Expo, are online games in HTML5. This technology, gaining more and more popularity in the web app market, allows the creation of Internet portals with rich interactive elements in its design. The only thing needed is a web browser, without the need to install plugins and libraries.

The collection of games consists of the most important titles, among them: Poseidon’s Gold – the underwater kingdom of Poseidon, Bonus Target – the fruit bonus with the sweetest victory, Fun 8 – a game in the retro 8-bit style, Book of Mystery Deluxe – popular gameplay in the mysterious Ancient Egypt and many more.

Online HTML5 games are known for their high performance, ease of use and multiplatform presence. It was hard to imagine just a couple of years ago, however now, with this technology, the excitement and fun are available on all devices with a web browser. The number of players using mobile solutions increases every year and online ,HTML5 games are widely available, aīordable and the next step in the industry.