We are a software company specializing in creating slot games for the largest global casinos and operators of online gaming platforms. Cooperating with Promatic, a supplier of products and system solutions, we are a part of Promatic Group, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the gaming industry.


Our most popular game titles include: Pudzianator, Hussars, Golden Toro, Wild Saloon, Sin Reels, Poseidon’s Gold Deluxe or Galaxy Gems. Our games are present in markets of Europe, Africa and Latin America.

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In our newest project – Promatic Games we created our first branded game Pudzianator by Mariusz Pudzianowski. featuring 5x World’s Strongest Man and current MMA player.


We are very proud of our historical game “Hussars” – picturing the most famous Polish cavalry which defended the country from the beginning of the 16th to the mid-17th century.


Games in HTML5 technology

We create games in HTML5 technology, easy to use, multi-platform, available on all devices with a browser installed.


Slot games

Our games are designed for the world’s largest casinos, as well as smaller entertainment centres. They are popular in Europe, Africa and Latin America.


Software and system solutions for the gaming industry

In addition to games, we create our own software and system solutions to facilitate the management of Promatic Group products. As a result, we offer a complete portfolio for the gaming industry.


Technical assistance

Our specialists will provide help and technical support.



We start creating games by discussing the idea and determining the concept of the theme.



In the next stage, game layouts, mathematics and additional functions are developed. From that moment on, the graphic designers can deal with concept of graphics. Simultaneously, a sound setting is prepared, referring to the theme of the game.



After accepting the general form of the game, the developers will receive the necessary elements to create it (graphics, sounds, algorithms). A prototype is created, which again goes to the designer and further to testing. Additional functionalities and general playability are verified in detail.



After the implementation of the game on test machines or mobile devices, the configuration and correctness of the solutions are checked. We pay special attention to the functionality and intuitiveness of the game.



After obtaining the necessary certification, we can start full promotion and distribution of our brand new game.


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We focus on quality and technology
We create slot games that require high-end solutions and technology. l.


We react to global trends, latest technologies and innovations

We believe that the online world can become one of the most important trends in the gaming industry


We have an independent department of experienced professionals

Our specialists are based in two company locations:  in Warsaw and Jelenia Góra.


We focus on knowledge and technical skills

We also put strong emphasis on the willingness to learn, communication skills and ability to work in the team,


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